Day: February 6, 2019

Why Switch To LEDs

Is your home lighting not yet upgraded to LED? Are you stuck with the incandescent bulbs that are causing you headache, literally and figuratively? You have probably heard a lot of people tell you that one should switch to LED lighting because of its many benefits that you may have not known yet. And this is true, you really should start switching to LED for many reasons that we listed down below, so read on.

Energy efficient

If there’s one thing LED lights are best known for, it is their efficiency and how you can maximize it without increasing energy costs. Mind you, they also consume less power so it is really a wise decision to switch. With LEDs, only minimal heat is produced, thus minimizing energy loss as you use them. It is the exact opposite of fluorescent lamps, which generate more heat than covert electricity into light. Ask your commercial electrician in Sydney now on how to take advantage of the LED.


If you’ve been calling your emergency electrician regularly for checking on the busted light bulb, or have been constantly replacing your lamps, then the more you need to try out LEDs. Not only with saving money from reducing electric bills will you benefit from using LED lamps, you can also save a lot more money in the longer run. LEDs are known to have longer life spans when compared to other kinds of lamps or light. So there’s no need to be replacing the lights very often as LEDs drop luminescence in a very slow pace, even with continuous use.


People may not have told you about this, but LED lights are not made up of toxic elements unlike other lamps which contain harmful substances such as mercury. With other light bulbs, when you dispose them off, it may only result in the production of harmful contaminants and generation of toxic waste. LEDs are actually recyclable since they do not contain toxic chemicals. In addition, LEDs don’t emit hazardous radiation like infrared or ultraviolet which are detrimental to the environment.


And with LEDs converting more energy into light, you also get what you pay for as this kind of lighting provides more light compared to other counterparts. When you turn it on, there’s no delay in the light up. Flick the switch for instantaneous light. There is also very low risk of fire when you use LED lamps. And with LEDs, people are less prone to migraine and no exposure to harmful radiation, that’s why it is also safe for your health as well.