Day: January 21, 2020

For Those Who Want Promotional Bags

With growing competition in the market, it is the desire of each and every brand and business to promote their products in the most unique and attractive ways such that they remain a customer favorite. One way to do so is have bags that are different. Now you can do so for your product by selling it in custom designed bags by Albury Enviro Bags. To contact them, you can call them at their office, write them an email, or fill the online form available at their webpage. You can choose the medium that best suits you, and once you get in touch with their team, you can discuss your ideas with them, the kind of art or print you want on the bag, when do you want it and other details and they will surely do their best to satisfy you.

For those who are interested in knowing about the details of printing and art work, here is all you need to know. If customers require one or two colors printed on the bag that is done through silk screen but if printing requires a combination of four or more colors, then the work is extensive and is done so through heat transfer process. What kind of printing will be done is surely dependent on customers need.

The team at Albury Enviro Bags believes in providing customers with the best quality be it the fabric of the bag or the quality of the printing. For those who have a message or a quote printed, the font is printed in high resolution. Usually when customers brief them about what they want printed bags, the team prepares a sample on computer and gets it verified by the customer before proceeding it further. This is a crucial step but not many companies do so. This way they can crosscheck for any mistakes or errors and correct them timely, saving up on any further problems or wastage of bags. If customers request for any additional changes at this stage, they do charge an additional amount. So it very important they ideas are well communicated for best results within affordable costs.

Each and every print is different so when customers demand making of promotional bags in Australia, the team lets them know about the approximate cost and only once the customers agree to it, they proceed with the art work on bags. You must also know that a specific percentage of the quotation is to be paid in advance for the work to begin. And you also have about two weeks’ time in case you change your mind.

Once the work begins, they prepare a sample bag and show it to the customer. If you want to see it in person and you reside within Australia and the number of bags you have ordered is more than two thousand, then they will deliver it to you for free. But for smaller orders, they charge an additional fee for approval of a sample bag.