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Tips To Help You Design Your Wedding Venue

The venue that you host any event always needs to be extra spectacular for everything else to be exciting and fun. The little details that you incorporate in to this design definitely has importance. So here are some tips you could use in making such details standout.


As much as you would love to simply buy everything off the ‘wedding decoration shelf’ (if there ever exists one) including wedding welcome signs,hold back on the urge or wedding menus. There is definitely a lot of things you can incorporate and would want to love to incorporate and may have even dreamed of incorporating as a part of the decoration. But in reality, they may not exactly work the way you want them to. Therefore, doing prior research on all that you need to know about the ideal décor details you can incorporate is essential.

Set a budget

Your big day is certainly one of the most important days in your life. and making sure that everything comes together and is perfect is only natural. However, sometimes this need for perfection tends to go out of hand. With the thirst for making sure all works well and you get exactly what you are looking for, you may tend to spend unwantedly. At the beginning these might seem like only a few dollars worth of an upgrade. But when you do calculate it at the end of the day it is going to be no where close to the few dollars. So be mindful of what you spend and avoid unwanted costs. Stick to a budget strictly.

A color scheme

Every wedding does at some point or the other have a couple highlighted colors all throughout the decoration, the centerpieces and sometimes even the drink. So if you are also planning on coordinating the details in your wedding including the wedding invites and save the date cards, to a color scheme, make sure you select a palette with a couple colors. Don’t limit it to just two or three instead be dynamic and try out different shades. However, when doing so make sure that the shades complement each other and not stick out like sore thumbs!

The flowers

Flowers are like clear representatives of wedding. Even though they may not have necessarily been so in the past, today at every wedding you would see flowers all around or incorporated even in the smallest detail. So when you are incorporating them in to your décor as well, try to be more unique with the kinds that you choose and the shades that you choose. This way the little details that these are incorporated in to would be more meaningful and highlighting!So consider the above tips and make your dream wedding come true!

FAQs On Finger Food

On average how many items do we need to allocate per person?In our expert opinion, eight is a safe number. This has to include a variety of both savoury and sweet items that are able to balance out each other to be finished off with a drink of your choice.What are the most popular food items to be served as finger food?Platters of fruit, cheeses, meats and dips are the most fitting finger foods that is able to make rounds in any circumstance whether it is a formal event or the garden tea party hosted for the ladies.

What are the most suitable ways to lay the food to the guests?

There are a number of ways the food can be presented. If it is an event that requires your guests to circulate, we propose for them to be placed in plates and served by servicemen who will be able to ensure that all guests are attended to appropriately. If your event is more of a sit- down occasion the food can be laid out in the specific serving area that will allow your guests to help themselves at theirconvenience.

What are the most favoured dishes among non-meat eaters?

Most vegetarian clients are content with our cheese platter delivery at Melbourne that comes in a trio of Tasmanian cheese or we can also offer a variety of other vegetarian dishes such as the Spanish saffron and parmesan Arancini and the Swiss mushroom and chive quichethat is sure to please your gueststaste buds.

How convenient is your ordering process?

All party catering companies have a process in place that will enable you a fairly transparent course of action. We advise you to have a run through of our web site and familiarize yourself with the food items and its variations that we offer. By doing so you will be able to give us more specific direction as to how you would like your event to happen and that in return will help us serve you better. You can either place your order directly via the website or our contact numbers and the payment can be transferred both via card or cash. We assure that on the day of the event, your order will be delivered to your door step well ahead of time.

What is included in your hot meal delivery menu?

Your regular lunch/ dinner is what we offer in your meal deliveries. You are able to choose from a selection of beef, pork or chicken that comes in disposable trays and platters.