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Something Is Dangerous Inside Chocolate

As an educated society we must not stereotype among people and among things, there are certain misconceptions regarding food items, fattening nonfattening milk, cream, butter, sugar items, chocolates and much more. Instead of misunderstanding the whole product one must read the ingredients behind the packing and try to eliminate those harmful ingredients out of the diet or that item simple. We all are educated but, ask this question; how often we check the writing on the back of the packaging (hardly right?) that’s what we are doing wrong. Problem is the nature of impulse buying and rapid decision making in buying food items, surprisingly we are so picky when buying shoes, dresses even undergarments but, when it comes to buying something to eat we just buy it simple (without noticing what we are buying).

Here we will talk about not just an eating item but, a craving, a sensation a tempting experience which is known as ‘chocolate’. We have heard a lot about dark chocolate, look for more cocoa presence and less alkali presence. But there is another serious element present in a chocolate which is known as ‘gluten’ those who are unaware of this ingredient, chocolate is something which if naturally made; contains liquid cocoa (roasted liquid cocoa) and those unsweetened chocolates free from any gluten hence chocolates which are free from gluten are pure chocolates. Although gluten is not harmful it is present in wheat, rye and barley (it’s a protein) but if added in a chocolate makes a chocolate impure (those who are serious chocolate lovers know the difference between gluten free and with gluten). Why dark chocolate is so famous for health benefits because, dark chocolate is bitter (due to excessive quantity of cocoa), on the other hand chocolates contains wafers, biscuits and other wheat kind items are never free from gluten. Those who has IBS (irritable bowel syndrome) and other immune disorders, anemia etc. are seriously gets effected with gluten, that’s why people with the before mentioned disorders avoid consuming wheat and other food items contains gluten.

For those who has clearly identified gluten as toxic, no gluten means no taste. Usually this item is important and irreplaceable so to find food especially chocolate without gluten is like finding a black cat in a dark room. Imagine the famous brand Hershey’s which is a well-known name in chocolate industry, makes pure chocolates but only few healthy chocolate bars our of millions can be considered as gluten free (means pure in serious terms) which are plain milk and milk chocolate with almonds. Yes! Kisses are gluten free (just by the way). There are number of brands which cannot be bifurcated among with gluten and without gluten and cannot be discussed in a short span of time. Like always no matter what you eat in chocolate stay moderate!