How Longspan Shelving Works


Longspan shelving also known to be as garage shelving, storage shelving, heavy duty shelving or many more. According to its true definition longspan shelving means that type of shelving which includes spending the long distances in one place. As colby pallet racking enhances the space in a shelf, just like that the longspan shelving is also providing the users with a lots of space to keep and store the documents. In the storage industry the longspan shelving is very widely used as it provides a lengthy and a lot of amount of space to keep a lot of documents and records over there. The reason why longspan shelving used in industrial storage is that it is made up of steel and also it is capable of carrying a large weight in it and also provides a long length of storage shelves. It can be used for any purpose whether it is domestic or commercial use due to above mentioned reasons. Longspan shelving is very much versatile in designing, use and manufacturing. A longspan shelving or dexion shelving only about 6 meters will be enough for blessing in a warehouse or an office and it will provide a lot amount of space to keep the documents in an organized manner in it.


  • Vertical uprights are like two poles which will act like two pillars which will help out in standing and balancing the whole body of longspan shelving or brownbuilt shelving. They determine the height of shelf. The taller the upright pillars the taller the size of the shelves.
  • Horizontal bay are the parts of the longspan shelving or brownbuilt shelving which ultimately connects the two of the vertical uprights. They also determine the actual area of the shelves. The larger the horizontal bay, the more the area covered by the shelf.
  • Internal shelves are those parts of the longspan shelving where the documents or files have to be placed actually. This is like the base of the shelf.

Normally a standard longspan shelving contains four internal shelves, eight horizontal bay and eight vertical uprights which can hold an average although large amount of space to store data and documents safely and in an archived order.

How to assemble the parts?

  • First of all you have to unpack or inbox the package and put aside three main components i.e., vertical uprights, horizontal bay and internal shelves from the box.
  • Now you have to divide the all beams into two groups each containing the four beams. And then each group will be used for each vertical upright.
  • Now place both of the uprights facing each other with the help of beams at the distance of an arm.
  • Now put the one end of the beam in one upright and other end of the same beam in the second upright. In this way, assemble other teams as well.

Now putting all the beams place the internal shelves between them. Now the longspan shelving in melbourne  is in final form.